If Your Lips Are Cracking, Your Mouth May Be Dry, Too

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Ashley Miller
If Your Lips Are Cracking, Your Mouth May Be Dry, TooChapped and cracking lips can be uncomfortable. People who are dehydrated or malnourished are more likely to have chapped or cracked lips than other individuals. Perhaps you have an increased risk of cracked lips due to medications you are on or a lack of key vitamins in your body. Do you lick your lips frequently? This increases your chances of cracked lips. The weather also plays a factor. If there is little humidity or frequent sun exposure, you may find yourself with cracked lips more often. Cracked lips may also be a sign that your mouth is dry.

Signs of a Dry Mouth

If you have a sticky feeling in your mouth or your saliva seems thick, you probably have a dry mouth which could coincide with cracked lips. If you have a dry mouth, your breath may smell bad as the bacteria on your teeth and tongue may linger without saliva to wash it away. It is important to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth and tongue regularly. Doing so will help to remove bacteria and keep your mouth moist. In turn, if your mouth returns to a regular moisture level, you may find some relief for cracked lips.

Make an Appointment and we Can Help Your Cracked Lips

Have we seen you in the office lately? It is important to get a dental exam every six months. We can show you how to brush your teeth and tongue as well as how to floss your teeth. We can also look and see if you have a dry mouth, and if that is a possible cause for your chapped or cracked lips. Give us a call today to make your next appointment. We want to help you to have a healthy mouth as well as healthy lips.

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