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IV Sedation Dentistry With a CRNA: Everything to Know

Star City Dental staff with a patient

Giving patient care in the most comfortable, effective fashion possible is not just a priority here; It’s our mission.

We take ginormous strides to help our patients receive the best care possible. From our high-tech equipment to offering a wide variety of treatments, we’re giving our best and always improving.

We can’t forget to mention our staff, either!

Today, we’re ecstatic to announce another enormous leap toward optimal care—a partnership with a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA).

This anesthesia artisan will be swinging by once monthly to provide IV sedation dentistry to patients who need it. We can now give our patients more of what they’ve already grown to love about us.

We’d like to take a moment to explain what this means for our patients and care.

What’s a CRNA?

So, what, prey tell, is a CRNA?

As noted, CRNA is an acronym for certified registered nurse anesthetist. It’s a person possessing a registered nursing license (RN) and advanced training to provide anesthesia.

In addition to nursing school, a CRNA usually completes a two-to-three-year program, including coursework and clinical training.

During the program, the person learns to safely administer medications for IV sedation dentistry and other similar procedures through pharmacology, pain management, and anesthesiology classes.

We’re currently utilizing the services of a CRNA from Sweet Dreams Anesthesia of OmahaThis link opens a new tab to the SDAO website, a company that offers office-based anesthesia.

But have no fear; you’re not giving up any of the care you’re used to.

Our dentists, hygienists, and assistants still provide the dental treatments, like dental implants, an extraction, or wisdom tooth removal. Sedation allows us to enhance our service repertoire.

However, you’re getting a dream team—your sundae with a cherry on top!

You’re now getting the best of both worlds—care from our empathetic, experienced team with pain relief and comfort from another expert.

Two Star City Dental doctors with a patient

What a CRNA means for our practice

We can now offer our patients more care than we have before.

We can complete complex wisdom teeth removal

For one, we can address more wisdom tooth removal cases, particularly impacted ones.

Patients will be able to sleep right through the process comfortably now.

We’re making treatments more comfortable

We know what you’re thinking; we already take every step possible to make your visits soothing.

This is just another tool we have under our belt, though.

Offering this level of sedation means that a dental implant procedure will be a walk in the park now, no matter how entailed the treatment.

We’re providing more comfortable tooth extractions

While we previously offered tooth extractionsThis link leads to Tooth Extractions page, we can now present our patients with the option of IV sedation dentistry to make the procedure a breeze.

Just lay back and receive your IV medication. Then, bim, bam, boom, you’re done and waiting for the anesthesia to wear off.

Extractions have never been easier!

We’re providing dental implants to more people

Dental implants are another procedure we previously offered but can now take to an entirely new playing field.

We can handle more complex cases and deliver those with dental fear a more relaxed experience. Possibly, we can give them a smile refresher they didn’t think was possible.

And it’s all achievable with IV sedation!

We’re reducing the number of visits

Our Dr. LongThis link leads to Doctor Long’s page and Dr. ToscanoThis link leads to Doctor Toscano’s page are skilled dental providers who can perform various treatments.

However, we once needed to schedule several visits for multiple procedures. Nowadays, most people can’t clear out that many days in their schedule books for the dentist.

By offering IV sedation, we can now perform the same number of treatments in one visit. Yes, that’s right, one and done. We’re making dental care super convenient for our patients.

We’re easing the minds of those with dental anxiety

Those with dental anxiety or fear can breathe a sigh of relief; they can now get the treatment they need without those feelings standing in the way.

By offering this anesthesia, we can broaden the number of patients we reach. They can kick back and relax during their treatment.

Above all, we’re increasing patient satisfaction.

So, if you need a procedure or have any dental issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can help! We’re making the dentist comfortable and stress-free through technologically advanced equipment, a dedicated team, and now, the option of IV sedation dentistry.

For that reason, a beautiful, functional smile is a cakewalk since we found the rock to our roll—a CRNA.

At Star City DentalThis link leads to Home page, we’re making dental implants and other treatments more obtainable than ever before.


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