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Dr. Hungerford and staff are in star city dental office in Lincoln, NEWe can proudly say that we have the expertise to treat every member of the family. We understand that making time for multiple appointments at different specialists twice yearly can be challenging. Thus we at Star City Dental specialize in family dentistry and understand the oral healthcare needs for family members of all ages.

About Family Dentistry

Not all dentists understand the oral healthcare needs of people of all ages. They have basic education, yes! But they don't have the expertise of training as a specialized pediatric dentist may. However, a family dentist does. They understand the oral health and hygiene requirements of all ages. Family dentists provide a range of services, from preventive to specialized dental procedures.
•  Dental Exams – Routine Dental exams are crucial to ensuring optimal dental health. You should go in for a dental exam twice a year to ensure there are no abnormalities or alarming symptoms.
•  Dental Cleaning – Even if you follow an excellent dental care regime, chances are your teeth and gums have plaque buildup that over-the-counter products cannot remove. You should go in for professional dental cleaning twice a year so your dentist can get rid of all the buildup.
•  Dental Filling and Sealants – if your tooth does develop cavities, your family dentist can clean it out and top it off with dental filling to protect the tooth from further damage. You can also opt for dental sealants to protect the hard to clean molars and premolars.
•  Periodontal Care and Maintenance – Gum diseases are prevalent and can possibly result in tooth loss if left undetected and untreated. Your family dentist can identify signs of gum disease and can restore them to their naturally healthy pink state.
•  Fluoride Treatments - Fluoride treatments are crucial to your teeth' health and maintenance. They can help restore the minerals lost through the natural demineralization process. Regular fluoride treatments can help prevent tooth decay, especially in children, teens, and seniors who are at greater risk.
•  Dentistry for Kids – Growing children, have different oral health needs. A dentist must regularly monitor their oral development to catch any abnormalities at an early stage. If the child has crooked, misaligned, or impacted teeth, the dentist can identify them and treat them early on to ensure long-lasting results. Make sure you take your children to your family dentist for regular visits as developmental problems are better treated in the beginning.
•  Oral Appliances – People with sleep apnea or other issues can also consult their family dentists to get oral appliances that will help clear their air passage or provide some relief. Your dentist may also give you night guards or mouth guards if you are in the habit of grinding your teeth or participate in physical sports.
•  Oral Cancer Screening – the sooner you detect cancer, the higher the chances of successful treatment. You should get regular oral cancer screenings, during which your dentist can identify symptoms of the disease timely.

If you're looking for professional family dentistry services, we at Star City Dental can help you!

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