Same-Day Crowns

Dental assistant assisting with Same-Day Crowns technologyCrowns have become an increasingly popular treatment for salvaging damaged teeth. Here at Star City Dental, we are always looking to provide the latest and most effective innovations in the dental industry to our patients. While traditional crowns do have their pride of place in our offerings, our latest alternative may be a better solution for you. Our Same-Day Crowns help provide a quick means of producing permanent crowns.

With normal crowns, it can take anywhere between two to three weeks for a permanent crown to be completed and delivered by a lab, known as a lab crown. The temporary crowns that are fixed in the meantime tend to be ill-fitting and often irritate an already sensitive area. Using computer-aided design-computer aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technology, Same-Day Crowns can be immediately created in our dentist’s office so that all the work is completed within the same visit.

The Same-Day Crowns Procedure

Just as with normal crowns, the procedure begins with an exam of the tooth to ensure it can support a crown. If the damage is severe, a filling may be needed. Local anesthesia is applied, and our dentist will first get rid of any decayed material. Filing down is usually done to create a suitable structure for the crown. This is minimally done to allow as much of the remaining healthy tooth remain.

Unlike normal crowns, no putty-like substance is used to take an impression. Instead, a small camera is used to take 3D images of your teeth. These images are fed into the CAD-CAM program to render a three dimensional model of the prosthetic. Our dentist will then select a suitably matching color. This precise data is then sent to our milling unit that creates the ceramic crown out of a porcelain block. The crown should be ready in a matter of minutes.

Our dentist will then use the Same-Day Crowns system to position the crown in your mouth. If the fit is perfect and you are happy with the result, we will bond it in place. If need be, we may polish the tooth to give it a healthy shine.

Why Choose Same-Day Crowns over Traditional Crowns

Same-Day Crowns are ready within the same day, meaning that within two hours of your visit, you will leave our offices with a securely fitted permanent crown. This huge benefit allows you to achieve functionality and a restored appearance on the same day. There will be no need for temporary crowns. It also saves you the cost of subsequent visits. If you have had to undergo a filling, having to endure an impression being taken can be uncomfortable. Having pictures taken with a camera is painless and quick.

Porcelain is a good option for crowns as it is durable and blends in well with other teeth. The natural appearance means that others will not know you have had restorative work down. You can also expect to recover faster from this procedure, with minimal tooth sensitivity experienced. Not having to wear a temporary crown also means there is less chance of further decay taking place during the waiting period.

If you need this quick restoration work, then visit us today. Call us, Star City Dental at (402) 858-0525 to make your appointment. Our team is ready and able to help you restore a fully functioning and bright smile to your face.

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Here at Star City Dental, crowns have become an increasingly popular treatment for salvaging damaged teeth. Schedule your next consultation with us today!
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