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Older Black couple speaking with dentist in Lincoln, NE  Star City Dental Our team at Star City Dental is proud to be your neighborhood dental office in Lincoln, NE. We provide a wide range of family dental services including preventive care, restorative care, and cosmetic dentistry. Many of our patients enjoy the personalized attention and we believe that having continuing patients allows us to provide the greater insight to their care that comes with a long term perspective. We hope to see you and your family at Star City Dental!

Our Services

Family dental services include treatment options for the whole family. Whether it is your first dental visit, or you’ve been taking care of your teeth for a century, we would love to see you.

Preventive Care

Preventive care is the education and tools to help you have success in your oral health. We provide preventive care specific to your age group and life circumstances. In addition to adult services, there are several preventive steps designed to help children have better oral health. As children enter school age either with the Lincoln Public School system, or elsewhere, we can help them start their oral health right.
Preventive services include:
•  Dental Cleaning
•  Dental Exam
•  Dental Sealants
•  Fluoride Treatment
•  Early Orthodontia

Restorative Care

When problems in your oral health arise, we recommend not delaying or ignoring the issue. We can help. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or find that you are unable to chew the same way, we recommend being seen.
Our restorative care services include:
•  Removing Cavities, Caries and Decay
•  Dental Fillings
•  Root Canal Therapy
•  Dental emergencies, knocked out teeth or more
•  Prosthetics including: dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures
•  Restoring missing teeth with dental implants
•  Guidance for Wisdom Teeth removal, braces, and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes steps to elevate or enhance the look of your teeth. Some options are completed quickly in one to two office visits, and some can take longer. We can help you have a beautiful, professional looking smile.
Cosmetic services include:
•  Teeth Whitening
•  Dental Bonding
•  Dental veneers
•  Full mouth smile makeover

Is staying with the same dental office important?

Above all, we want you and your family to be comfortable. Feeling comfortable with your dental team means you are more likely to come back regularly, and we want you to find that match. There are some reasons that staying with the same dental office is important. One of the biggest reasons is because then we can compare past notes, images, and information to your current visit. There can be some notable changes that we can see across appointments that could help diagnose and spot problems. Consistent and regular office visits help us know you better, and could help you feel more comfortable getting work done.

How to Find Us

We are located on 86th street just off Mandarin and Pioneers Blvd near the Firethorn Golf Club in the Southeastern part of Lincoln. We offer easy access with spacious parking availability. We would love to meet your family and have them join our team toward better oral health. For more information, contact our office at: (402) 858-0525.

Star City Dental

Dr. Melanie Fulton
Dr. Meghan Hungerford
Dr. Mimi Long

(402) 858-0525

4525 S. 86th Street, #A,
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Our team at Star City Dental is proud to be your neighborhood dental office in Lincoln, NE. We provide a wide range of family dental services for our patients!
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