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Lincoln, NE Woman with white teeth smilingOur team at Star City Dental understands that simply because you have damaged teeth does not mean you have to sacrifice your appearance to make repairs. These days there are many ways to fix teeth that have suffered tooth decay or may have been chipped or broken by accident. While some procedures may take a while to complete due to components being made in the lab, bonding offers a quick and lasting fix, often within the same day.

Using a composite resin, damaged teeth can be restored during a single visit to our dentist. This quick procedure is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule. It can also be used to cover up discoloration of teeth that do not respond well to whitening. Sometimes used as an alternative to amalgam fillings, it can remain unnoticed as the resin is chosen in a color that best matches surrounding teeth. For those with large gaps between teeth due to smaller than normal teeth, bonding can also help fill up space and give the appearance of a full smile.

Why Choose Bonding

One of the top benefits of this treatment is that it can be completed quickly. All the work of color matching, application, shaping, trimming and polishing the tooth can be completed within an hour by one of our dentists. This benefit goes hand in hand with cost-saving. Because the restoration can be done within a single session, you get to save on other appointments and not having to miss out on work.

As the composite resin is selected in a color that best matches your other teeth, you can keep this restoration work a secret. Our dentists are experienced hands at forming a perfectly natural-looking result that will leave even you not certain which tooth was bonded. This is also why the resin makes for a good alternative to amalgam fillings. If you have tooth decay in a forward-facing tooth, you may want to consider this option to fill the cavity.

For those with sensitive teeth, bonding can be helpful, as it requires the least amount of enamel be removed for the process to be completed. Just the surface is roughened to facilitate the bonding. No anesthesia is required unless a cavity needs to be cleaned out and filled.

The Bonding Process

All procedures begin with an oral exam so our dentist can check if there is any tooth decay that needs to be dealt with. If your mouth is in suitable condition to undertake bon,d, we will discuss your options. If bonding is the solution arrived at, we begin by performing any cleaning needed.

Our dentist will then color match the composite resin. The resin is a putty-like substance at this stage. After roughening the surface of the tooth, a conditioning liquid is spread over the roughened surface to help the composite resin adhere. The resin then follows, and our dentist will take time to mold and smoothen it into the desired shape. After this, the shaped tooth is exposed to a special light that bonds the resin to the natural tooth and hardens it. Our dentist will then finish off with some trimming, filing, and polishing so that the tooth’s surface is of a similar gloss to the rest.

If you are in need of an affordable and quick restoration of damaged teeth, then get in touch with us. Call us, Star City Dental at (402) 858-0525 to book your appointment today.

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At Star City Dental, we don't think you should have to sacrifice the appearance of your smile to make repairs. To learn more about dental bonding, call today!
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