Benefits of Dental Implants
Beautiful Black dental patient speaking with dentist about the benefits of dental implants at Star City Dental in Lincoln, NEWhen it comes to the replacement or restoration of missing or damaged teeth, there are multiple options available, including dentures and bridges. However, dental implants are one of the best treatment options that particularly stand out. This is because dental implants offer benefits that other treatments simply can’t offer.

What are Dental Implants?

An implant is a small metal post made of titanium that is used in many bone-related surgeries and dental procedures. The history of dental implants date back to 2500 BC. When it comes to dentistry, an implant is surgically placed in the area of the jawbone where your missing tooth used to be. Since titanium is a biocompatible material, the jawbone grows around the metal post in a process called osseointegration to form a strong and stable foundation for the placement of a prosthetic tooth. This process occurs over the span of a few weeks or months and once it is successful, the implant is topped off with abutment, a piece that acts as a link between the metal post and the dental crown. Eventually, a dental crown, an artificial tooth, is placed over the abutment. Dental crowns are typically made out of porcelain and are color-matched to your natural tooth, allowing them to seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth.
If you’re missing a single tooth, you can opt for single tooth implants, and if you’re missing multiple teeth, then you can opt for multiple teeth implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Here are some of the most prominent benefits that dental implants offer:

Matches Your Natural Teeth

Implants come in various sizes and shapes. Porcelain is the most popular material for implants since it is very similar to your natural teeth. A dental crown is color-matched to your surrounding teeth to ensure that they easily blend in. While other artificial teeth appear fake, dental implants look real.

Restores Bite Force

Since an implant is anchored into your jaw using a titanium post that bonds with your jawbone, it allows you to bite with more or less the same amount of force as your natural teeth.

Prevents Bone Loss

Losing teeth causes loss of jawbone mass as the movement of the teeth offers the jawbone stimulation to maintain its mass. Unlike other restorative dentistry treatments, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that offers jawbone stimulation and prevents the loss of jawbone mass.

Supports Adjacent Teeth

Even a little gap in your mouth due to a missing tooth can cause the teeth on either side of the gap to shift. This leads to misaligned teeth. By filling the gap, dental implants allow you to maintain a straight smile.

Helps Maintains the Shape of Your Face

Teeth support your facial structure. Tooth loss causes you to lose that support that causes the shape of your face to change by making it appear sunken in. Dental implants preserve the natural shape of your face by offering support just like your natural teeth.

Easy to Care For

Dental implants are extremely easy to care for. You simply need to brush and floss regularly.
Not everyone can qualify for implants, so it is important to visit a dentist where they will conduct a comprehensive dental exam to see if you are a potential candidate for this tooth restoration treatment. If you’re looking for more information on dental implants, Star City Dental is here to help! Call us at (402) 858-0525 to book an appointment.

If you or a loved one is considering implant restoration, our professionals at Star City Dental can conduct an in-depth dental exam to design the ideal treatment plan for you. Feel free to reach out to us at (402) 858-0525 today!

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Benefits of Dental Implants Lincoln, NE • Star City Dental
When it comes to the replacement or restoration of missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are one of the best treatment options. Call Star City Dental today!
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