Why Should Athletes In Contact Sports Wear Mouth Guards?

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Ashley Miller
Why Should Athletes In Contact Sports Wear Mouth Guards?A mouth guard is a horseshoe-shaped plastic that players bite and use while playing high-impact games. Some of these games include rugby, hockey, boxing, martial arts, cricket, and other physical sports. These sports require the players to be rough and make contact with each other. The use of hard balls in games such as hockey also creates a degree of danger to the players.

Without any form of protection, players can suffer from irreversible teeth and jaw damage. Therefore, the mouth guard comes in handy for such occasions. Here are some of the benefits of using mouth guards and why athletes in contact sports should use them.

Protection of Your Teeth

The mouth guard protects your teeth from breaking, chipping, or getting knocked out. The mouth guard fits perfectly over your teeth and gums. They cushion them and offer effective protection against any form of impact on your head. You can save costly dental expenses by choosing to wear a mouth guard and protecting your teeth. Losing your teeth in a high-impact game can make you pay for dental crowns, root canals, and other dental treatments.

Face and Mouth Protection

When you are not wearing a mouth guard you expose your tongue, lip, face, and face to getting bruises. You can at times bite your tongue with your teeth. The mouth guard cushions your mouth and face from experiencing such pain. If you wear braces or other orthodontic appliances you are likely to suffer more if you do not wear a mouth guard when engaging in contact sports.

[[[H2:Protection from Serious Injuries]
Other injuries a mouth guard shields you from may face include bone damage, jaw fractures, and root damage. The mouth guard assists avoid jamming the lower and upper jaw together. Also, it reduces how severe a concussion is by acting as a buffer in sports like boxing. For further information about protecting your teeth in contact sports and other activities, contact our dentists to schedule your next visit.

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