Cuts in Your Mouth Could Leave You Facing an Infection if Your Mouth Is Unhealthy

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Ashley Miller
Cuts in Your Mouth Could Leave You Facing an Infection if Your Mouth Is UnhealthyIt is very easy to sustain cuts in your mouth. Cuts and oral injuries often happen accidentally while you're conducting day-to-day activities such as doing yard work or while engaging in a sporting activity. You can also accidentally bite your cheek when chewing food or even chewing on your pencil. Even though the space in your mouth is relatively small, it contains thousands of blood vessels. This means a cut in your mouth can increase the chances of infection especially when your mouth is unhealthy. Read on for more.

Common Dental Infections

There are several infections that can develop due to a cut in your mouth. Given the high number of bacteria in your mouth, infections can spread fast and easily. Gingivitis is one condition you are likely to develop if you have an open cut. Bacteria will accumulate in the affected area and could spread to your gums. If the wound is not treated, it could also lead to gum swelling. Advanced cases of gum disease could to periodontitis, a severe condition that could see you lose your tooth.

You could also develop tooth decay due to an untreated cut. This is more likely if the cut is near your tooth. Bacteria and other harmful substances will move from the wound to your tooth and cause decay. To prevent tooth decay, it is important that you regularly clean your teeth. Bacteria from the cut will not develop and cause decay if you get rid of it through brushing and flossing. However, with a cut in your mouth, you need to be careful when doing oral cleaning. Brushing through the injured area is not only painful but will also cause excessive bleeding. If you find it challenging to clean your mouth with a cut in it, visit our offices for professional cleaning. Our professionals will not only clean your mouth but watch out for any red flags. Contact our offices for all your dental needs.

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