Potential Dangers of Wearing Ill-Fitting Mouthguards

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Ashley Miller
Potential Dangers of Wearing Ill-Fitting MouthguardsA mouthguard is quite beneficial and even crucial for protecting your teeth and treating certain medical conditions, like sleep apnea and bruxism. While there aren't any major side effects of wearing mouthguards besides the initial discomfort, there are certain dangers to wearing an ill-fitting or inappropriate mouthguard. Here are some of them.

Pain and Sores

Usually, when you first start wearing a mouthguard, it can take some time to get used to the feeling and in the meanwhile, it does feel uncomfortable. However, you do get used to it and then it's barely noticeable.

But, when you're wearing an ill-fitting mouthguard that is not the right size for your mouth, that initial discomfort can turn into excessive pain and even lead to sores in the mouth. If you are experiencing this pain, don't ignore it as it can lead to even more serious problems over time.

Contact Dr. Melanie Fulton at Star City Dental to get your teeth checked right away and get a custom-fitted mouthguard that suits the shape of your mouth.

Shifting Teeth

Over time, the constant pressure from the mouthguard can cause your teeth to start shifting, which also causes excessive pain and discomfort. This is similar to the pain that people feel while wearing braces. Moreover, if you suffer from TMJ, shifting teeth can actually worsen the problem, leading to more pain and worse dental complications.

Jaw Misalignment

While this is not very common, it is not entirely impossible either. Long-term usage of ill-fitting mouthguards can even cause jaw misalignment. This can also worsen TMJ and cause other problems such as bruxism.

While standard stock mouthguards are more accessible and inexpensive, they are also not suitable for everyone's mouth. As a result, over time, they can turn dangerous for your teeth. So, contact Star City Dental today for custom mouthguards and avoid these problems.

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