Fix Missing Tooth Problems

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Ashley Miller
Fix Missing Tooth ProblemsA missing tooth is not something people pay too much attention to unless it causes some degree of discomfort in their eating or affects the appearance of their face. This is when a dental bridge alleviates both problems. It is a strong firm fixture custom fit by our professionals to fill the space between your lost teeth. With a bridge, you can chew and eat just as you did with your original teeth. A bridge also closes the vacant space and elevates a toothless smile to a full and confident smile.

Understanding Dental Bridges

Although dental bridges are made of many different materials, the popular choice, especially for front teeth is porcelain. The reason being it blends in with the color of your original teeth. As for your molars or teeth that are not in the front, materials such as gold or other alloys are also preferred.

Discovering Crowns and Bridges for Functionality and Smile Appeal

The most common type of dental bridge is the traditional bridge which is a fixed structure. This bridge will be the same shape and size as your original teeth. The bridge is held in position with the use of crowns on either side of the new teeth. The crowns are fitted on either side of the new bridge. Once completed, the bridge restores the balanced jaw positioning and alleviates the chance of any jaw degeneration.

A crown is used when a single tooth is damaged, chipped, or fractured. It can also be used to cap-off a decaying tooth or a filling. A crown, just like a bridge, restores the functionality and stability of the jaw bone, thereby preventing jaw degeneration. Furthermore, the crown when it is used to cap off a decayed tooth prevents any further degeneration of the tooth or spreading of decay to other teeth. If you have a few missing teeth or even a single missing one, contact our professionals right away to learn about your options.

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