Stop Using Excuses Not to Floss and Instead Focus on the Benefits Flossing Offers

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Ashley Miller
Stop Using Excuses Not to Floss and Instead Focus on the Benefits Flossing OffersPeople who don't floss often frequently state that they don't have the time. However, flossing takes about 4 minutes of your time, and can make a big difference in your dental health. Moreover, if you spend more time flossing and less time making excuses, you will find out that it takes far less time to floss than it does to make excuses. Plus, you only need to floss once a day, so, overall, flossing takes about less than 30 minutes per week, when practiced daily.

How Flossing Strengthens the Teeth

While brushing is certainly good for the teeth, flossing serves as adjunct, ensuring the teeth and mouth are exceptionally clean. Because tooth brushes cannot deeply clean between the teeth, floss gets between tight spaces so the teeth are free of plaque and bacteria. By flossing each day, you strengthen the teeth and prevent decay from forming between the teeth and next to the gum line. When you understand the benefits of flossing, you won't make excuses not to floss. 

Can You Spare about 4 Minutes?

Flossing takes a few short minutes to complete, so you really don't have an excuse not to take the extra time to floss. While some patients get into the habit of brushing first, then flossing, it actually is better to floss first. When you floss first, brushing removes the released particles from flossing. In turn, you will have less of a plaque buildup, and a lower chance of developing periodontal disease. If you floss after brushing, the plaque and bacteria that are released during the activity remain in the mouth until the next time you brush.

We want you to feel good about your smile and overall health. That is why we encourage that you brush and floss each day. If you have not done so already, give us a call and set an appointment for a dental exam and professional cleaning. 

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