Impact of Stress on Your Mouth

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Ashley Miller
Impact of Stress on Your MouthWhen we come under a lot of stress, we can suffer with serious health problems. Not everyone who suffers with stress and anxiety is aware of the impacts it can be having on teeth and gums. There is a strong link between stress and poor oral health which can result in serious complications for teeth and gums over time.

The Link Between Stress and Oral Health

When people suffer with stress and anxiety, it is common for them to neglect their oral hygiene and to experience teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is when you clench your teeth and move them back and forth; not everyone who does this is aware as it can often occur during sleep. However, if you experience discomfort and aching in the morning, then you may be grinding teeth which shouldn't be ignored. Teeth grinding can result in pain of the jaw, broken teeth, and excessive tooth wear over time.

Self-care is too often neglected during times of stress and worry. This neglect can lead to serious problems if prolonged or regular. When we are stressed, we may suffer from lack of sleep, which results in not having the energy to take proper care of ourselves, making poor diet choices, and craving sugar which wreaks havoc on teeth and gums without proper dental care.

If you have experienced canker sores in the past, this can also be a direct occurrence through stress. When we experience high levels of stress, canker sores often appear. You may be brushing your teeth too hard, biting the insides of your cheeks, or experiencing minor mouth injuries because of stress.

In addition to the above, gum disease can be a result of a body experiencing too much stress at one time. When our bodies experience stress we are unable to protect against bacteria because our immune cells are compromised. This allows for bacteria to thrive and grow as inflammation develops.

Overall, if you are experiencing regular bursts of stress or anxiety, it may be advisable to seek professional advice as it can have prolonged effects on your teeth and gums. If you are worried about the effects stress may have had on your oral health, schedule a routine check with us today.

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