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The Healthier We Keep Our Mouth, The Healthier Our Body Remains As We Age


Lots of research has gone into studying the effects of good and poor oral health on our bodies as we get older. The overall conclusion that each study has come to is that if we can keep our mouth healthy, it allows our body to stay healthier, too.

Taking steps from as young as possible to keep up with our oral health has a great benefit to your overall health. So, if you want to be as healthy as you can be during retirement, then you need to take steps now to make sure your oral health is optimized.

How To Keep Our Mouths Healthy As We Get Older

There are two main things we have to do if we want a healthy mouth as we get older. These are keeping our teeth healthy and keeping our gums healthy. If we get a cavity, we need to have it filled as a way of keeping our teeth healthy. Plus, should a tooth ever fall out or need to be removed, we need to put a bridge or implant in place of that tooth to keep the surrounding teeth healthy.

We also need to keep our gums healthy, which means having checkups every six months. When you come in to our office, we will look at your gums and make sure they are pink and healthy. Plus, we will also make sure they are holding tightly to your teeth and not showing signs of disease. If there is any sign of disease present, we will treat it and return the health to your mouth.

By keeping the teeth and the gums healthy, we give you the best chances of being a healthy adult. If you need help restoring your oral health to help benefit your future overall health, give out office a call today.