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Reasons The Inside Of Your Mouth May Peel


The inside of the mouth is covered by oral mucosa. This is a layer of tissue that functions to protect the inner layer from infections and from food particles penetrating it. It also serves the immunological barrier role of preventing infections from seeding in the oral cavity. This is the reason why peeling of the inside of the mouth is considered a problem. Without this barrier, infections and food particles may find their way into the bloodstream.


What Causes The Inside Of The Mouth To Peel?

The first and most common reason for mucosal peeling is the ingestion of hot fluids. Anytime you consume hot food or fluids, a portion of the mucosa will peel off. With repeated intake of hot foods, these thermal burns may go on to become ulcers.
The second reason for the insides of your mouth peeling is due to chemicals. Many different chemicals contained in drugs and drinks tend to cause peeling. Certain drugs such as aspirin play the biggest role in mucosal damage. Certain chemicals and caustic products when accidentally ingested may also cause peeling.
The other reason may be that you have an autoimmune disease. These are diseases that tend to occur when the immune system of the body is hyperactive. Some autoimmune diseases present with mucosal peeling. Sometimes, however, the inside of the mouth peels naturally after a certain period of time. In such cases, it occurs spontaneously and is not associated with any pain.


What To Do If The Inside Of Your Mouth Starts Peeling

Carefully observe where the peeling occurs most. Reduce the ingestion of hot fluids and check whether the peeling resolves. If the peeling is caused by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like aspirin, avoid them. Ideally, however, always seek the consult of our dentist when you notice any peeling. Our dentists will walk you through all the risk factors and help you identify the cause and how to treat the peeling.