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Getting The Best Smile Before Attending A Friend’s Wedding


There are few times in life where we want to look our very best more than that of a friend or loved one’s wedding. For most people who aren’t movie stars or royalty, this is the fanciest and most dressed up we will get for the kinds of events that we attend.

Taking the time to painstakingly go over every detail and fashion choice, as well as all of the beauty or styling practices is very important to most people. But what about your smile? That’s right. Nobody wants to show up at their social circle’s event of the season with a dull or underwhelming smile. What are the best ways to make sure that your teeth are just as sparkling as the rest of your appearance? We have a couple of suggestions:

Avoiding Acidic Foods And Dark Beverages

To start with, doing everything that you can to avoid a lackluster smile as a result of discoloration, cavities, or plaque is imperative. Stay away from citrus products, sugary sweets like candy and pastries (you’ll get a slice of cake at the wedding) and try to minimize your coffee and tea consumption. In the case of liquids, using a straw to bypass the teeth can be helpful.

Come See Us
The best suggestion that we have for how to put your best smile on display at your friend’s big day is to schedule a time to come by and visit our office prior to the event. Whether it is a simple cleaning or whitening or something that requires a bit more time and effort, we can make sure that you are both looking good and feeling good, knowing that your smile is not only beautiful but health as well.

To find out more about the many services we offer, stop by or give us a call today.