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Dangers Of Carbonated Drinks On Your Oral Health


Carbonated beverages have, for some time, been linked to health issues. People have been warned against drinking them since they can lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

What most people don’t know is that they too can lead to issues with your smile. Given that people love carbonated drinks, this can turn into a problem, especially for chronic drinkers. Here are some of the ways carbonated drinks can affect your dental health.

What Carbonated Beverages Do

Carbonated drinks lead to the erosion of your teeth. When taken in excess, they can lead to the discoloration of your teeth and the weakening of your enamel. They also encourage the activity of bacteria in your mouth. This can lead to the formation of cavities in your mouth. When these cavities grow, they get into the inner layers of your tooth, leading to tooth sensitivity and pain as nerves and blood vessels are exposed. Even worse, they can also lead to the loss of your entire tooth, let alone encouraging your teeth to chip.

How These Drinks Do That Much Damage

Carbonated drinks tend to come with additives, such as sugar, in them. The bad bacteria in your mouth love this sugar. Once the bacteria ingest sugar, they turn it into acids, which eat into your enamel. Without proper dental care, this leads to several dental problems.

The carbonated drinks themselves are also acidic, which leads to this same issue. Also, bacteria tend to thrive best in acidic environments. When you consume these drinks often, you make it easy for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. The end result is a bevy of issues, including tooth decay, cavities, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, and the discoloration of your teeth.

The good thing is it’s easy to avoid such issues by avoiding fizzy drinks. If you must have them, take your dental hygiene seriously. Brush your teeth often, floss, use mouthwash, and visit us often. Call us to find out more.