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Alternatives To Root Canal Treatment


A root canal treatment is the safest and most successful way to save an infected tooth, and to restore it back to its proper form and function. However, it can be a bit expensive since it requires a degree of care and years of training to learn how to do a root canal procedure.

There are many popular theories about alternatives to root canals but beware that not all of them are effective.

Alternative Treatments To Root Canal

Tooth Extraction

Obviously, a tooth extraction can get rid of your infection and pain. But it will also get rid of your tooth. However, saving your natural tooth should always be a priority and extraction should only be done as a last resort. However, sometimes, the tooth is too badly damaged to be saved, in which case, it needs to be extracted. The missing tooth can then be replaced with a denture, dental bridge, or an implant.

Food Choices

Proponents of natural remedies believe that dental infections can be healed through a healthy and natural diet. Although eating quality protein and eliminating processed sugars and grain from our diet can reduce the risk of cavities; fruit and veggies cannot restore a broken tooth or treat an infection.

Ozone Gas

An alternative treatment to root canal is injecting ozone gas into the tubules of the tooth. This kills bacteria, and some people believe that it will help conserve more of the natural tooth structure than is possible with a root canal.

Even though ozone does disinfect the tooth, this procedure is not a barrier to re-contamination. Infection can occur again and you will require a root canal to treat it. However, ozone gas can buy you more time.

Calcium Hydroxide

Another alternative is to irrigate the root cavity with calcium hydroxide solution which can retard the growth of bacteria and dissolve dead tissues. However, it is also quite toxic and needs to be very carefully placed in the root canal with a fine needle.

Although some of the alternatives mentioned above seem promising, they do not give you long-term solution like a root canal procedure. If your teeth are damaged, consult with one of our doctors at Star City Dental by calling at (402) 858-0525 and they will recommend you a viable treatment option.